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Like so many organizations, Dló̜ó̜' Yázhí Day Camp was faced with a difficult decision in Spring of 2020. With the community's safety at stake, we knew holding camp in person was out of the question. However, our team makes a promise to be there for our campers every summer, and we had no intention of breaking that promise.

Lucky for us, camp is all about resilience. At camp, when things don't go according to plan, we simply make a new plan. Our attempt to think of an outside-the-box plan lead us, ironically, to camp-in-a-box!

Dló̜ó̜' Yázhí Day Camp's community came together in a big way to make sure that camp was able to happen this season. With the help of masks, a u-haul, and an impressive assembly line, our team members assembled and delivered 100 individual boxes and 50 family boxes for campers. Each box contained a summer's worth of challenges and ideas meant to spark campers' creativity and foster a sense of community from afar.

There is no substitute for camp. We can't wait until the day the Thoreau Community Center is filled with songs, laughter, cheers, and high-fives again. But until that day, we are proud of what our camp team can accomplish together!

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