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Year 5, Week 1: Hogbacks, S'mores, & S'more!

After a week of staff training, our campers finally arrived on Monday! First order of business? Collaborating on group names! From youngest to oldest, our groups are now called: The Flying Bobcats, The Little Titans, Mr. Pickles, Itsa Burgers, & The Roadrunners. They also made awesome signs and "secret high-fives" for their team.

On Thursday, the Roadrunners embarked on a canyon hike through the Hogbacks in Gallup. It involved some scrambling & teamwork as we explored the caves and hidden passageways!

Camp wasn't over on Friday! Just a couple hours after going home, kids came back for the annual Thoreau Community Center overnight! We made hotdogs & s'mores, played glow-stick hide & seek, and filled the Community Center with sleeping bags.

Check out a few photos from Week 1:

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